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Frequently Asked Questions



Training Course Question    Why have I been redirected from another web site to this one?

Training Course Answer     First of all don't worry, the website that you were looking at has chosen to process their bookings through the Genius Booking Platform.
This is because it would be too expensive for training providers to develop their own booking platform so they use a trusted third party, which is Genius!


Training Course Question    OK well it is Secure?

Training Course Answer     The Genius Booking Platform is completely secure. You can tell this by the green 'secure' indication in the address bar and the closed padlock.
This means that all information entered here is digitally encrypted using the very latest SSL end to end encryption technology before being processed. Your payment information such as card details are all entered directly into our secure and encrypted server. This means that we (Genius) don't see your payment information and neither does the training provider. Payments are securely processed by Stripe.
The Stripe payment system is completely secure and PCI compliant, you can read all about Stripe here.


Training Course Question    Do you send me unsolicited emails or sell my details?

Training Course Answer     We 'Genius' do not send you any marketing emails at all ever.
In fact we don't see your personal details at all. The training company that you book your event with may send you marketing emails but only if you opt in, you are given the opportunity to opt out of all marketing at the time of purchase.
The Genius system which is used by your training provider is GDPR compliant, as such you must 'take positive action' to subscribe to marketing emails. You cannot be subscribed by default. This means that unless you check a box which states you would like to receive emails, you will not receive marketing emails.
You will however receive emails that are relevant to your order, such as an order confirmation email, joining instructions etc.
The training provider has agreed not to sell of pass on your details to any third party as part of our terms of service.


Training Course Question    Who do I contact if I have a query?

Training Course Answer     Your booking and therefore your contract is with the training provider, whose details are printed on your order confirmation email.
Genius's part of the transaction is automated, this means we never see your details and therefore cannot answer any enquiries about your transaction, payment or booking.


Training Course Question    How do I contact the training provider?

Training Course Answer     When you have completed your transaction the training providers details are emailed to you along with your order confirmation, transaction and payment receipt.
You can see who the training provider is throughout the booking process, as the booking platform uses the trainers logo (top left corner of the page). You can click on this logo at any time to be taken back to the trainers website where you will find their contact details.
You will also see the trainers contact details when you add an event to your basket, just click the trainers name and you are taken to their page giving you their contact details etc.
After you have placed your order you are given access to the client platform, which allows you to see all of your orders. The trainers name and contact details are shown on each order.


Training Course Question    Who do I contact to sell my training events with Genius

Training Course Answer     You can contact our sales team by calling the number on our contact page and you can read about Genius here.


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